After An Age of Decline

An Unfortunate Event Chain I

From the Journal of Drarik Haldon, penned in his own hand, First Entry

I feel the need to keep a journal of my actions in these early days of my freedom. My race is a long lived one and memory may fade over the span of years. I want to always remember not only who helped and hindered me in my early years, the better to repay them accordingly, but also to have a record of why I started on my quest for power in the first place. The last reason I wish to leave a record behind is so that if I should fall or perish I will not disappear into memory and ash like so many slaves have before me.

My name is Drarik Haldon, I am the last of my family, separated from the arms of an uncaring race, and a strong free elf. I will bend the knee to no one for long, and I will reach my end having attained a station far greater than the one I was born to.



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